Pécsi Nemzeti Színház

12 May 2017 Friday 19:00
Müpa Budapest Festival Theatre

17 May 2017 Wednesday 19:00
National Theatre of Pécs - Grand Theatre

18 May 2017 Thursday 19:00
National Theatre of Pécs - Grand Theatre

19 May 2017 Friday 15:00
National Theatre of Pécs - Grand Theatre

19 May 2017 Friday 19:00
National Theatre of Pécs - Grand Theatre

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Ken Kesey - Dale Wassermann: One flew over the cuckoo's nest
- dance theatre in 2 acts -
Coproduction of the National Theatre of Pécs and the Croatian Theatre of Pécs

Photo: Tóth László
length: 2x appr. 40min.

composer: Kovács Benjámin
stage and costume design: Fenyő Péter
dramaturg: Vidákovics Szláven, Vincze Balázs
the choreographer’s assistant: Czebe Tünde
choreographer: Vincze Balázs
director: Vidákovics Szláven

McMurphy: Molnár Zsolt/Tuboly Szilárd
Sister Ratched: Kócsy Mónika
Chief Bromden: Koncz Péter
Patients: Kerekes Soma Lőrinc, Matola Dávid, Szabó Márton, Varga Máté
Nurses: Harka Máté, Téglás Bánk
Candy Starr: Ujvári Katalin
Sandra: Vincze Brigitta

Dance theatre adaptation of Ken Kesey’s classic and the legendary film performed to the young and talented composer Kovács Benjámin’s brand new piece. Vidákovics Szláven’s direction together with Vincze Balázs’s choreography aim to reflect the message of the story that is still relevant today. We can look into the reality of a lunatic asylum where a powerful nurse cruelly manipulates the defenceless patients who are unable to or somehow can not confront her. When McMurphy arrives he quickly becomes a threat to the established order of the institution. However, it is only Bromden who understands the significance of his behaviour and the meaning of his intentions. One must fight against inhumanity even if it involves sacrificies.

Premiére at the Pécs Summer Theatre: 1 July 2016

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