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- ballet in one act inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's novel -

The very first ballet composed by 30Y rock icons Zoli Beck and Papa Sárközy Papa
(30Y is one of the notable and most popular alternative rock bands of Hungary.)
Choreographed by Balázs Vincze

We recommend the performance for children above 6 years of age.

Tales are important learning experiences. The struggles of the hero are examples that help us fight our personal problems in real life. It is also crucial to set the idol of a supportive, helping attitude for children. Inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's novel we created a positive winning story: our little hero saves the world from Evil, its destructive powers, the improper human behaviour.
A fairy tale hero must walk a bumpy road to make everything that's ugly, bad or unfair good and beautiful. A tale puts our abilities to a test while taking us into the world of unlimited possibilities. The Little Prince contains truths that are more and more missing from our lives.

„What's exciting about the Little Prince is that he remains pure while not being innocent, that is he is able to believe in love. In our version of the story the adult world can be defeated. It is possible that we are more naive than the Little Prince." beckzoli (30y)

Composers: Beck Zoltán, Sárközy Zoltán Papa (30Y)
Dramaturg: Uhrik Dóra K
Stage Designer: Horgas Péter
Costume Designer: Rományi Nóra
The Choreographer's Assistant: Molnár Zsolt
Director-Choreographer: Vincze Balázs

Little Prince: Matola Dávid / Keresztes Patrik
Rose: Ujvári Katalin / Madonia Florence
Snake: Kócsy Mónika
Fox: Kerekes Soma Lőrinc
Pilot: Harka Máté
Vain King: Koncz Péter
The Court: Bálint Adél, Hoffman Virág Zoé, Madonia Florence, Szabó Márton, 
Téglás Bánk, Tuboly Szilárd
Drunkard: Nagy Írisz
Guests at the Pub: Bálint Adél, Hoffman Virág Zoé, Madonia Florence, Ujvári Katalin
Businessman: Molnár Zsolt
Business Partners: Koncz Péter, Szabó Márton, Téglás Bánk, Tuboly Szilárd
Geographer: Szabó Márton

Premiére: 29 January 2016 | National Theatre of Pécs, Chamber Theatre

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