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- ballet in 2 acts -

The ballet classic rethought by Yvette Bozsik

Choreographer Yvette Bozsik is an internationally recognized Hungarian contemporary artist. Her peculiar movement language, bold interpretation, fascinating visual concept and truly personal attitude are the characteristic features that make her creations so impressive and incomparable. Having her own company she rarely choreographs for others. Her cooperation with Ballet Pécs is thus a special occasion that is intended to celebrate the 55th jubilee season of Ballet Pécs.

Yvette Bozsik's rethought version of Swan Lake wishes to face us with the self-destroying lifestyle of the 21st century: the constant human desire for freedom and purity as well as the impossibility and hopelessness of reaching it.

The performance is recommended to persons over 14 years of age!

Composer: P. I. Tchaikovsky
Stage Designer: Khell Zsolt
Costume Designer: Juristovszky Sosa
Lights Designer: Pető József
Rehearsal Leader: Szabó Márton
The Choreographer's Assistant: Gulyás Anna

Choreographer: Bozsik Yvette

Prince: Szabó Márton/Tuboly Szilárd
Swan: Ujvári Katalin/Vincze Brigitta
The Princes's Mother: Uhrik Dóra
Magician: Lovas Pál
Clown: Kerekes Soma Lőrinc

Russian Dance: Molnár Zsolt
Neapolitan Dance: Kócsy Mónika, Varga Máté
Spanish Dance: Vincze Brigitta / Ujvári Katalin, Koncz Péter
Little Swans: Kerekes Soma Lőrinc, Varga Máté, Matola Dávid, Téglás Bánk
Friends, Guests, Swans: Frank Edina, Hoffman Virág Zoé, Kócsy Mónika, Nagy Írisz, Szécsi Theodóra, Tandi Zsófia, Tóth Klaudia, Harka Máté, Koncz Péter, Molnár Zsolt

Premiére: 27 November 2015 | National Theatre of Pécs, Grand Theatre

Photo: Horváth Judit

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