Pécsi Nemzeti Színház

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Music: Maurice Ravel
Costume design: Julcsi Kiss
Scenery: Balázs Vincze
Assistant: Tünde Czebe, Harangozó Award laureate
Choreographer: Balázs Vincze

The music of Bolero has always made me think of birth and death. The way the peaceful music becomes more and more intense till it almost explodes is like the beginning and the end of the walk of life. Bolero has almost always been associated with sexuality. Nevertheless, my original idea was different having Animus-Anima in the middle surrounded and adored by the mass that eventually destroys Him/Her. This powerful creature symbolizes the will to demand more. The mediocre mass pulls Him/Her back, no matter how hard the fight. In the new version of the piece a female dancer is standing in the middle surrounded by male dancers, so sexuality is inevitably present this time...

Performed by (2014): Ujvári Katalin, Kerekes Soma Lőrinc, Matola Dávid, Molnár Zsolt, Szabó Márton, Schrott Dániel, Tuboly Szilárd

Premiére: 20 June 2008 | Ruins of Tettye | Pécs Summer Theatre (Bolero | Carmina Burana)
National Theatre of Pécs: 7 November 2008 (Bolero | Carmina Burana)

Original Cast (2008):

Animus-Anima: Péter Koncz / Zsolt Molnár

And: Anett Bakos, Szilvia Balássy, Tünde Czebe, Edit Domoszlai, Eszter Kiss, Mónika Kócsy, Katalin Ujvári, Brigitta Vincze

Length: 13min. 47sec.
Technical requirements: black dance floor, flyers, smoke machine
Stage size: 9m x 10m
Performed by: 1 male dancer, 8 female dancers

The poster was designed by Sámuel Vidákovich, student of the Pécs Secondary Grammar School of Arts

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