Pécsi Nemzeti Színház


Composer: Ferenc Jávori
Costume designer: Fruzsina Nagy
Assistant: Tünde Czebe Harangozó Award laureate
Choreographer: Balázs Vincze
Performed by: 2 female ballet dancers, 1 male ballet dancer

Our life is full of struggles. We fight with our parents, our loves and need to live up to the expectations of society. Standing up after big disappointments is always hard. Still it is so natural that we are able to trust again and again. We all want to continue because we wish to live. You are happy if you have a peaceful place to retire and fill up with energy and strength to continue.

Length: 16 min. 48 sec.
Technical requirements: white dance floor
Stage deisgn: 3 transportable stand, or 3 chairs
Stage size: 9m x 10m
Performed by: 2 female ballet dancers, 1 male ballet dancer

Part of the Evening: European Dance Gallery
Premiére: 22 June 2007 | Pécs Sumer Theatre - Ruins of Tettye
25 January 2008 | National Theatre of Pécs
Without a Leg to Stand on - Choreographer: Julian Moss
I don't give up - Choreographer: Vincze Balázs
Para Bango - Choreographer: Raza Hammadi

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