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An evening of Bartók
The Opening Performance of the 2016 CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival 7 October 2016

Bartók: Bluebeard’s Castle
Bartók: The Miraculous Mandarin

Featuring: Andrea Szántó, Gábor Bretz – voice, Ballet Pécs, Hungarian National Philharmonic
Set: Éva Szendrényi
Costumes: Anikó Németh (Manier)
Production design: Zsolt Bordos
Choreography: Balázs Vincze
Conductor: Zoltán Kocsis
Director: Csaba Káel

Bluebeard’s Castle and The Miraculous Mandarin are unsettling dramas of unrequited and requited love. The one-act opera and the grotesque pantomime are very different both in terms of dramaturgy and music, yet we feel that deep down they are closely linked. To chart their shared territories and bring them to the light in a way that pleases the senses is one of the highest challenges in the art of theatre.

Tickets: HUF 2400, 3100, 3800, 4700, 5900

The Miraculous Mandarin

CAFe Budapest fotó: Posztós János

Performed by:
Mimi: Ujvári Katalin
The Mandarin: Koncz Péter
The Old Gentleman: Téglás Bánk
The Student: Matola Dávid
1st Tramp: Kerekes Soma Lőrinc
2nd Tramp: Szabó Márton
3nd Tramp: Tuboly Szilárd

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