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"Balázs Vincze has been given the historic role of being the ballet director of the 50-year-old Ballet Pécs. He had the opportunity to prepare his company to the jubilee year and thus to show the world what they are like, what they are capable of, their aims and directions. Eck's idea to have his own form language is clearly one of Vincze's main ambition. Nevertheless it is quite a burden to nurture traditions in a world that lacks the political repression and the constant control that used to be so inspirational for Ballet Pécs in the beginnings during the 60's and 70's.
Vincze's strength is his convincing personality. He is an assertive leader with great abilities to create a company. Living up to the expectations of our times, in his work he always tries to emphasize that the language of dance is international and universal.
Mariann Zábrádi, ECHO 2010/5-6

Ballet Pécs was founded by Imre Eck in 1960 as the very first modern ballet company of Hungary. Dancers interpreted their own lives, the role of art vs artist. They wore modern clothes, sometimes only a leotard and no toeshoes and danced to the brand new works of contemporary Hungarian composers. The unique dance language of Ballet Pécs was created by Imre Eck using based on classical ballet with a combination of folk dance and his own peculiar language of movements. The company quickly became one of the most acknowledged and respected ballet companies of Europe in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Imre Eck was the director of Ballet Pécs till 1969. From 1969 till 1992 he was the artistic director and the choreographer of the company.

Sándor Tóth Merited Artist, one of the founding members of Ballet Pécs was the director and choreographer of the company between 1969 and 1991. He started a new era by inviting young talents and young choreographers to work with Ballet Pécs. He was accepted both by the audience and the profession. His works were praised for his taste of music, sensitivity of form, his humor and his attraction to classical ballet and jazz.

István Herczog Harangozó Award laureate artist was the director and choreographer of Ballet Pécs between 1992 and 2001. Having worked as the solo dancer, choreographer and later director of prestigious German ballet companies, Mr Herczog spent successful years in a different kind of artistic life compared to what we had in Hungary at the time. He reorganized Ballet Pécs by inviting young graduates from the Secondary Special School of Arts of Pécs. Criticts emphasized his delicate style and taste, the balanced combination of classical and modern dance and that Art was always present in his choreographies. 

In 2001 Gábor Keveházi Kossuth Award laureate Merited Artist took the direction of the company.  He was supported by Attila Egerházi, choreographer, as artistic director from 2001 to 2003. Their slogan was „the legend continues” – with an aim to follow the original concept of Imre Eck. Ballet Pécs has always been open to accept new trends and to include a wide scale of various genres and styles in their repertoire

Since 2005 Ballet Pécs is under the direction of  Balázs Vincze. His company tries to follow Imre Eck’s heritage by having a similar attitude: today’s Ballet Pécs isn’t inclined to copy others but wants to create a new style, their very own form language. For this they need to win their audience. Balázs Vincze’'s main aim is to create performances for the young audiences and thus to educate young people to make them accept and like ballet and dance. Performances of the recent years have had a characteristic dance language that is built on a combination of a wide spectrum from classical ballett to street dance. The best characteristics and traditions of dance theatre are represented, when dance, scenery, music and story unify to make a coherent whole and an unforgettable performance.

Inauguration of Imre Eck's Plaque

Founding choreographer, Imre Eck's plaque was inaugurated in the lobby of the National Theatre of Pécs on 3rd December 2010.

The marble plaque with a bronze relief was created by Zsolt Nyári, sculptor, teacher of the Secondary Grammar and Special School of Arts, Pécs.
The project was funded by the town of Pécs.

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